Ruth finely twists each individual wire using an old fashioned drill. These wires are then wrapped around frames to create tactile, refined forms – like dangling architecture.

Ruth has been designing and making playful, sculptural jewellery since 2015.

Mainly working in a variety of metals including silver, gold and titanium, she creates contemporary pieces that are both inspired by the subtle details within fabrics as well as the structural forms within textile machinery.

As well as creating these sculptural pieces, Ruth produces a range of wearable, precious metal jewellery influenced by other design products such as kitchen and homeware. These designs are simple yet unique, modern and bold.

Each piece is handmade in her Edinburgh studio, and currently made to order.



The Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
Clifton Rocks Bristol
Aune Store Lisbon


Craft Scotland Marketplace

Upcoming Exhibitions

Goldsmiths’ Fair at Goldsmiths’ Hall, London, 24-29 September 2019
Elements at Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh, 8-10 November 2019